Stede Bonnet Pirate Flag Enamel Pin

Stede Bonnet Pirate Flag Enamel Pin


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This 2" x 1.5" soft enamel pin combines a black soft enamel with a white design to make a stylish and subtle accessory to any ensemble. Features two posts and butterfly clutches for extra security

Stede Bonnet was a wealthy landowner in Barbados who turned to a life of piracy (possibly to avoid marital problems) and began his dubious career in 1717. He purchased a ship, dubbed it Revenge, and immediately attacked a Spanish warship. He narrowly escaped this ill-considered venture with his life and sailed for Nassau where he fell in with the infamous Edward "Blackbeard" Teach. Teach seems to have taken pity on Bonnet, and the two of them committed numerous acts of piracy for a time. Eventually, Bonnet set sail with his own crew once more before eventually receiving a pardon and then sailing as a privateer. Ultimately, his larcenous tendencies saw him throw in his lot with other pirates in the estuary of the Cape Fear River where he was brought to justice by a naval expedition after a lengthy engagement. Bonnet escaped some time later but was recaptured on Sullivan's Island. He was hanged by the neck until dead on 10 December, 1718.

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