Henry Every Pirate Flag Enamel Pin

Henry Every Pirate Flag Enamel Pin


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This 2" x 1.5" soft enamel pin combines a black soft enamel with a white design to make a stylish and subtle accessory to any ensemble. Features two posts and butterfly clutches for extra security

Henry Every was a notorious pirate, most famous for being one of the few of his brethren to avoid death or imprisonment at the end of his unusually successful career. A flag ascribed to Every depicts a white skull in profile wearing a kerchief and an earring, above a saltire of two white crossed bones, on a black or red field.

Every's most famous raid was on a 25-ship convoy of Grand Mughal vessels making the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. including the treasure-laden Ghanja dhow Ganji-i-sawai and its escort, Fateh Muhammed. Joining forces with several pirate vessels, Every found himself in command of a small pirate squadron, and they were able to capture up to £600,000 in precious metals and jewels, equivalent to around £91.9 million in 2020, making him the richest pirate in the world. This caused considerable damage to England's fragile relations with the Mughals, and a combined bounty of £1,000—an immense sum at the time—was offered by the Privy Council and the East India Company for his capture, leading to the first worldwide manhunt in recorded history. Despite their best efforts, Every evaded capture and vanished. Unconfirmed accounts state he may have changed his name and retired, quietly living out the rest of his life in either Britain or an unidentified tropical island. He is considered to have died anywhere between 1699 and 1714; his treasure has never been recovered...