The Seal of Belial Enamel Pin

The Seal of Belial Enamel Pin


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This 1.5" hard enamel lapel pin combines a lustrous white enamel with charcoal-grey nickel line-work to make stylish and subtle accessories to any ensemble.

Few occult grimoires carry the notoriety of the Lesser Key of Solomon. This demonology manual was compiled by an anonymous author in the 17th century and purports to contain the names and seals of the seventy-two demons summoned and bound by the biblical King Solomon. The Lesser Key's first section, the Ars Goetia, took hold of the public's imagination nearly half a millenia ago and continues to inspire occultists, horror writers, and aficianados of the Weird.

The Sixty-eighth Spirit is Belial. He is a Mighty and a Powerful King, and was created next after LUCIFER. He appeareth in the Form of Two Beautiful Angels sitting in a Chariot of Fire. He speaketh with a Comely Voice, and declareth that he fell first from among the worthier sort, that were before Michael, and other Heavenly Angels. His Office is to distribute Presentations and Senatorships, etc.; and to cause favour of Friends and of Foes. He giveth excellent Familiars, and governeth 50 Legions of Spirits. Note well that this King Belial must have Offerings, Sacrifices and Gifts presented unto him by the Exorcist, or else he will not give True Answers unto his Demands. But then he tarrieth not one hour in the Truth, unless he be constrained by Divine Power. And his Seal is this, which is to be worn as aforesaid, etc.

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