Antimony Symbol Enamel Pin

Antimony Symbol Enamel Pin

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This 1.5" soft enamel lapel pin combines a black soft enamel with a shining nickel finish to make a stylish and subtle accessory to any ensemble.

Antimony is an unusual element known to mankind since the most distant times when pre-dynastic Egyptians used it to create kohl eyeliner. To the alchemist, antimony is a cooperative metal, best used in combination with another metal such as lead to produce complex reactions. In alchemical terms it is a protective metal—though scientifically classified as a metalloid—and associated with concepts of adaptability and cooperation. It represents the wisdom and strength gained by the sharing of strength and unique talent. Antimony further represents the balance of animal nature within the human spirit and when worn as a sigil is a potent reminder of inner strength.

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