Earth or Air Symbol Enamel Pin

Earth or Air Symbol Enamel Pin

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This 1.5" soft enamel lapel pin combines a black soft enamel with a shining nickel finish to make a stylish and subtle accessory to any ensemble.

Earth is one of the four Hellenic elements of ancient Greek ghilosophy, one of the founding bodies of knowledge upon which classical alchemy was based. It is associated with concepts of solidity, immovability, and the physical world. Its associations with ancient mystery cults and cthonic deities has also lent it significance in matters of sensuality and death.

Invert the symbol of earth to use it as the symbol of air. This symbol is linked with the atmosphere and its resultant weather, and is associated with intelligence as one of the Hellenic elements. More recent occult traditions have linked the element of air with elemental entities known as sylphs. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn associates air with the eastern cardinal point in ritual, guarded by the First Watchtower.

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So perfect - a pleasure to shop with Strix.

Easier to configure as Earth. While i don't mind, I'm sure some wouldn't mind a second pin so as to make it easier to arrange. Had an issue when ordering- item didn't arrive with rest of order. HOWEVER, seller was very prompt in responding to my issue and sent the missing item right away. An excellent customer service experience.