Strix Logo Enamel Pin

Strix Logo Enamel Pin

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This 1.5" soft enamel lapel pin combines a black soft enamel with a shining nickel finish to make a stylish and subtle accessory to any ensemble.

The strix was a flesh eating bird of ill-omen, walking on four taloned legs, and bearing a razor-sharp beak, in the myths of the ancient Greeks. The earliest known tale of the strix is from Metamorphoses in which Polyphonte and her sons Agrios and Oreios were punished for acts of cannibalism. Polyphone was cursed to becom a creature "that cries by night, without food or drink, with head below and tips of feet above, a harbinger of war and civil strife to men." References to the strix are found throughout the surviving works of antiquity through the days of the Roman Empire and survived into the middle ages, where its name became entangled with the Romanian word for vampire, strigoi, and creatures that scream in the night like the Strigăt barn owl.

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I got the pin after some confusion with the shipping! (Which was not the seller's fault at all.) It's stunning and they gave me an extra pin, shipping was quick and the seller was very quick to respond. Tysm as always <3

These items arrived faster than expected, considering the seller's clearly outlined shipping policies. They also kindly included an extra pin of what I thought was a water leaper, but I'm not sure anymore. I'm still curious. The pin itself is fairly large and has one post. It is not very weighty and is made of a fun, reflective metal surface. The details of the design are very clearly and cleanly drawn out. I like how the chest crests look a bit like a face.

This is a beautiful pin! Shipped fast and just what I wanted.

Great quality pin and recieved lots of compliments.