The Stars Come Right Map Bundle

The Stars Come Right Map Bundle

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This bundle includes both The Book of Starry Wisdom and a matte poster of the "R'lyeh Triangle" map featured in its end pages, as a well as a limited edition Starry Wisdom bookmark, at a great savings!

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THE BOOK OF STARRY WISDOM compiles newly edited editions of H.P. Lovecraft’s public domain cycle of Cthulhu stories, edited and produced by Simon Berman, and illustrated by renowned deific and fantasy artist, Valerie Herron (The Book of the Great Queen).

Accompanied by essays and musings by some of today’s premiere Lovecraftian scholars, writers, and devotees, The Book of Starry Wisdom is a luxurious, 186 page hardback tome, featuring a leather textured cover with gold foil pressed symbols of significance to the Cult of Cthulhu, 13 interior black & white illustrations. This premium volume is a stunning addition to the library of any enthusiast of H.P. Lovecraft or worshipper of Dead Cthulhu Who Lies Dreaming.

Table of Contents:

Part One: Lovecraft's Tales
The Call of Cthulhu
The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Part Two: Ephemera
"The Cthulhu Cult in Early 20th Century Laos by Bryan Thao Worra
"The Rule of Three" by A.S. Koi
"Letters from the Sea" by Thom Truelove
"Answering the Call" by Adam Scott Glancy
"In the Footsteps of the Sea" by C.A. Suleiman
"Of Lovecraft and He" by Leanna Renee Hieber
"The Strangely Warm Waters of Devon" by Molly Tanzer
"I Think Therefore Something Is" by Orrin Grey

This map of the South Pacific charts the coordinates given by H.P. Lovecraft in his Cthulu-related stories, indicating points of importance and the possible location of R'lyeh itself. It also bears an inscription in a mysterious typeset known only as "Rl'yehan." Originally commissioned as the end pages of The Book of Starry Wisdom, this map was created by master cartographer, Ed Bourelle of Skeleton Key Games.

This print measures 12.25" x 17.25" and has been printed on matte poster stock poster, suitable for framing or to be used as a prop in Cthulhu RPGs.